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Friends With BEM-efits

What is BEM? The Block, Element, and Modifier (BEM) methodology is a common naming convention for CSS classes developed by Yandex. The core idea behind BEM is to provide a strict way to arrange your CSS classes into modules. BEM captures the purpose and meaning through it’s CSS class name syntax: Block: Represents a module or context where the element finds itself. (“What is it?”) navigation footer item-review Element: Describes a component within the block that performs a particular function. (“What…

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Why You Should Give a S*** About Accessibility

57,000,000 Americans have a disability. According to a 2012 Census report, 56.7 million Americans have some form of disability. As developers and designers, it is our responsibility to create websites and applications that cater to everyone. It is also our social responsibility to make the web accessible to more than just 80% of the population and to educate the public (especially other engineers and designers) about these issues. Consider impairments that impact accessibility of online…

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My Longest Relationship

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you asked me in 2004, I would tell you that I wanted to be a web developer. Unlike most kids, I found my lifelong passion at 11 years old. Neopets — Age 11 My love for programming stems from a frustration I had using Free Website Builders. At the time, I was the leader of my Neopets guild, Grey Faerie Lair — our group had daily contests, giveaways,…

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